The Blitz Replica Pack


1. General Advice: Information leaflets on gas attacks and first aid. 2. Cooking After a Blitz: Gas supplies were often affected after a Blitz. This leaflet informed the household how to cook on a reduced supply. 3. ARP Booklet: Abridged version of this information booklet, including the construction of a shelter. 4. Air Raid Letter: Letter informing that a warden would be visiting to determine how many people slept in the house. 5. Miscellaneous Cards: A collection of different trade cards. 6. Body Tag: Used to identify a dead body of an unconscious casualty, this example dates back to 1940. 7. Images of the Blitz: Evocative photographic images relating to the Blitz. 8. After the Raid: A fascinating leaflet explaining that to do in the event that your house is destroyed or damaged during the Blitz. 9. Fire Precaution Leaflet: Information on how to deal with a fire or bomb after an air attack. Vital equipment included large buckets, a shovel and sand.

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