Home Front Replica Pack


1. Household Leaflets: Information leaflets to help with household repairs, fuel savings in the kitchen and advice on healthy eating for children. 2. Railings Receipt: The Ministry of works and buildings requisitioned the removal of railings from in front of your house. 3. Clothing Ration Booklet: Clothes as well as food were rationed. 4. Chart of Gases: A potentially life saving booklet, detailing gases from harmless tear gas to deadly choking gas. 5. Miscellaneous Cards: A collection of cards including informative bus tickets 6. War Emergency Leaflet: Instructions for the public covering subjects such as food supplies, pensions and lighting restrictions. 7. Postcard Images: The government produced many images supporting the collective was effort. 8. Disease Information Leaflet: How infectious diseases spread and how they could be avoided. Vital information for the nation regarding germs, coughs and feavers.

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