WWI Replica Pack



Joining the Ranks Booklet: Abridged version of this fascinating booklet written by “The Major” details the daily routine of a new recruit.

Patriotic Pledge Card: Alcohol was considered one of the main enemies during the war and the holders of these cards promised to abstain until the end of the ear.

Postcards: A typical propaganda postcard from 1915.

Instructions in the event of an invasion: A leaflet detailing what to do should the enemy land on our shores.

Medical Report: Confidential report into the well-being of 2/Lieut. Wilfred Owen – one of the Great War’s most famous poets.

Identity Card: These contained a person’s name occupation, address and signature.

Trade Cards: A selection of different cards, mainly depicting recruitment posters.

Help to Win the War: This leaflet detailed a family’s average weekly consumption of the three staple foods.

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