Britain’s Special Air Service in the Special Forces regiment upon witch all others are based. Its men comprise some of the most skilful, highly trained and motivated soldiers in the world. Now ex-SAS sergeant Eddie Stone (SAS – Are you Tough Enough ?) reveals what it takes to be an SAS man and how the skills possessed by SAS soldiers enabled them to accomplish even the most difficult and hazardous military missions. The SAS is made up of four Sabre Combat Squadrons. Each of these is comprised of four specialist Troops – Air, Boat, Mobility and Mountain. Together they enable the SAS to tackle any mission virtually unaided. A Sabre Squadron essentially possesses the combined skills of a small army in a unit of less than one hundred men. Bonus Features: SAS – Britain’s Secret Warriors Format: Pal 16 x 9 L Box Sound: Stereo Region: 2 Suitable Only for Persons of 12 Years and Over Running Time: 2 Hours Approx. Extras Running Time 1 Hour

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