Britain’s Special Air Service in the Special Forces regiment upon witch all others are based. Its men comprise some of the most skilful, highly trained and motivated soldiers in the world. Now ex-SAS sergeant Eddie Stone (SAS – Are you Tough Enough ?) reveals how the SAS performs close protection missions – and lethal counterterrorist hostage rescue assaults. Using ex-SAS men,, SAS Survival Secrets: Guardians Against Terror is a vivid and detailed recreation of a typical close protection mission. A four man SAS team is assigned to protect an uncooperative British Minister on a foreign state visit. At first the team’s meticulous planning pays off, but they are overruled on security by local forces. When the Minister and foreign leaders are kidnapped and held hostage, the team must don their “Black Kit” and launch a rescue mission…..VHS Only Suitable Only for Persons of 12 Years and Over Running Time: 177 Mins Approx.

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