Survival Letter Writing Kit “Special Tactical”


What are the Polybius and Caesar codes ? Where would you find a pigpen ? What is the Cyrillic alphabet ? How do survival agents pass on information without being discovered ? Find the answers to these questions and many more within the pages of the Special Tactical Survival Letter Writing Book contained in this pack. The key to being a great survival agent is communicating with other agents and everything you need to do this can be found in this incredible kit. From invisible ink to Top Secret envelopes, survival notepaper to postcards, compiling secret messages, codes and ciphers is easy with this super survival pack The Kit Contains: 1. A 24 page book. – 2. 2 16 Special survival forces envelopes. – 3. 6 Special Forces postcards. – 4. Special survival forces sticker stamps. – 5. 16 sheets of survival notepaper. – 6. A survival developer pen. – 7. A survival code pen.

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